Writing Progress March 2016

At 50% proofing current (maybe last?) version of “The Apprentice’s Talent”.

My beta readers all think my Talent series SF is “better” than my fantasy books (now six titles! Though two need more work). I think though the Fantasy is more what traditional publishers look for, so I won’t SP them. My SF has sort of psychic powers (the Talents) and now is one short story, one novella and five full length novels (one not finished).

I think I will start to Self Publish the “Talent” SF series this year, with 3 month to 6 month gap between titles and thus the current unfinished WIP, “The Mission’s Talent” (set twenty years after the previous title “The Master’s Talent”) might get published in 2019 or early 2020, should I live so long. I’ll offer DRM free eBook, Paper title about €14 ex postage with free eBook and then maybe eventually the Talent Trilogy (Apprentice, Journeyman, Master) as paper set with eBooks on a “free” micro SD card with adapters for USB and standard SD card included.

I’ve just taken photos for the cover of “The Apprentice’s Talent” and done some revised covers. I’ve discovered “The Mission’s Talent” needs a lot of research.

I’ve renamed the most recent fantasy from “Quadrivium Secundus” to “No Silver Lining”. I’ll probably rename “Quadrivium Genie-Sys”. These stories tie in with the “Celtic Otherworld” Trilogy (Stone, Sword, Spear treasure books), but basically later and mostly in our World with some of the same characters. “Quadrivium Secundus” needs re-written, it’s only 1st draft.

I’ve re-written the unconnected 45K “Jorath’s Quest” (last edit was 1994) as “Restoring The Talismans” and the first draft is about 97K. I think it will need a lot more work, but people loved the story then (badly written as it was). I think that a million words and more than 20 years later the new version will be much better.

(I’m fairly sure I’ve written over a million words since May 2014 and finding I can spot more mistakes when proof reading now on Kindle or Kobo. I got my first Kindle in June 2013 and then a larger Kindle DXG in October 2013. It and now my Kobo Aura H2O have saved me more than they cost in not doing draft printouts. Faster too to “Print” to eBook using Calibre)

Update: On 28th March 2016 I built version 22 eBook of “The Apprentice’s Talent” with over 300 proof reading corrections