World Book Day!

I think 4th March 2nd of March is World Book Day. Buy a book in your local bookshop.

Edit: Wikipedia suggests it’s the 2nd of March, the first Thursday in the UK. Other countries may have it on the 23rd April.

I occasionally buy a book in The Crescent Bookshop near the center of the Crescent Shopping Centre, Dooradoyle, Limerick.

Other news! New covers for The Apprentice’s Talent and The Journeyman’s Talent. I recommend Calibre to manage your eBooks, so you can update existing covers with it.

Click to see larger.

The Apprentice’s Talent

Cover shows USAF interceptor and Juili’s flitter over Ireland.


The Journeyman’s Talent

Cover shows a flitter landing during the night in winter, at the Circle College campus on Caemoria. You can just make out the Milky Way. Caemoria is on the other side and closer to the edge of a spiral arm and closer to the edge of the galaxy. The moonlight is a lot brighter, so the stars look not so dense and bright.