WIP, April 2020

Busy organising and editing. I’m not sure I’ll seriously write new material till the Autumn as various things around the house and garden need done.
So very little done on either the Hard SF novel, “The Eden Seeds” or the first thriller in the Dark Ops Series. I thought “Goths and Rooks” was finished bar the proofing and curiously the sequel, “Jewels and Rooks” is, but “Goths and Rooks” will need more rewriting. I’ve added two entire chapters so far.
I’ll have to find out is the Recycling Centre closed, but it’s not a big issue.
Corvids Press is investigating relaunching paperbacks and adding hardbacks too. Though only the first two books were on paper. Withdrawn due to poor print quality and CreateSpace rebranding as Amazon. What bookshops would stock titles clearly printed and sort of Amazon published. So no “free” ISBNs for the paper editions. Corvids is buying a big block for all the authors and editions.
ISBN doesn’t really matter for eBooks as they are only sold online, not via physical shops.

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