Toxic Media

So called “Social Media” is used to co-ordinate and publicise stupid overly political correct views and out of context criticism. No platforming would get no publicity without the “Social Media” “Social Media” destroys your privacy. Share with friends and family by email and PRIVATE text chat applications. “Social Media” companies exist to exploit their users with adverts. They are toxic. Sooner or later you will post something on them that destroys your life.
If you use them at all, only use a specially set up email, a fake name and profile, post no opinions, jokes or personal information. It’s a total disgrace that BBC etc promote them. Their icons have code that track users (even if not logged in) and even non-users. This is illegal in the EU and other countries, so I only put an icon and link, not the code offered by the Social Media sites on any websites I build, if I put a social media link at all.