“The Apprentice’s Talent” release

Coming soon to Smashwords and Amazon as eBooks (DRM free) at $2.99 and with also paper editions at $15 plus postage (free eBook download included). All my published books will also be sold direct on this site on this page:
Ray McCarthy – Corvids Press

Release dates are provisional. First one is 18th April 2016.

First title is “The Apprentice’s Talent”

Covers and Blurbs likely to change.
I may delay the launch if I don’t get a “heads up” on my blurb from critics this week, but it seems likely I will go ahead as Blurbs and Covers can be changed.

There is a working Contact Form.

No risk in buying #1 of trilogy and never getting the other two, as they are already written.
There will be link I hope on Amazon and Smashwords, to suggest corrections. If there is sufficient “issues” to warrant an update, existing purchasers will get a free updated ebook. If someone manages to contribute a lot of valid changes, then they get the next book free.

It’s sort of crowdfunding, as I plan to use income from first book to have paid editing/proofing on the next book as it has been a horrific job doing final revision/proof (over 500 corrections, not line edits and severe pain.). “The Apprentice Talent” first draft was in June 2014, using some writing from 1995, which in retrospect, I should have started from scratch.

I’m holding out to get a Traditional publisher for all the Fantasy Titles. My “Amazon Guru” agreed that the “Talent Universe” SF doesn’t fit into publisher categories for SF, hence the decision to Self Publish it.

I may also “publish” on Apple iBooks if I can figure it out and get access to a Mac, or what ever is needed, and they don’t want globs of money up front.