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Discounted Under the Stone of Destiny

Update, 2020-04-19: The general discounts are ended, but some special offers may appear on specific web sites. We’ve discounted Under the Stone of Destiny to 99c. Amazon Smashwords Also Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and many other stores. No DRM,…

Summer 2019 releases

Smashwords summer sale starts 1st July 2019. ‘The Apprentice’s Talent’ and ‘Under the Stone of Destiny’ will be reduced to $1.

New for Autumn 2018

Exiles and Rooks was released on 2nd August on Amazon (Kindle and Kindle Apps only) and Smashwords (all common eBook formats, also distributed to Apple, Kobo, Barnes& Noble). Starship Chief is still free (but only give friends a link, not…