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Summer 2020 News

I’ve re-written a group of three books with some characters that are developed over three books: ‘Goths and Rooks’, ‘Jewels and Rooks’, and ‘The Wooing of Marion’.

The only sure thing isĀ  that ‘Dwarves and Rooks’ is ready and will be published next.

The Seven Talismans Release

‘The Seven Talismans’ has been well received by two Beta Readers, so release has been brought forward to the 25th of December 2019. Handy if you get an eReader for Christmas. It will be on Amazon for Kindle, Fire, or…

Draft of The White Fire Stones

This is the sequel to ‘Seven Talismans’ and ‘The White Fire Stones’ is the second book in the Trader’s Isle series. Should I have called it the Amrat Series or Traders’ Isle? I’ve about 300 proof reading notes to edit…