Summer 2020 News

I’ve re-written a group of three books with some characters that are developed over three books: ‘Goths and Rooks’, ‘Jewels and Rooks’, and ‘The Wooing of Marion’.

I’ve decided that ‘Robin Morgan, Faerie Prince’ doesn’t work as a stand alone novel, apart from being only 28,000 words. It’s now about half way in on “Four Kids, One Foxe”, which will likely be written several times more as it’s set about eleven years after The Wooing of Marion’.

I’m still working on the plot outline for ‘Watching the Watchers’, probably set a bit after ‘The Wooing of Marion’. A later story is ‘The Enscorcelled Maid’, which may be the next after ‘Watching the Watchers’ and is pretty polished.

I’ve set aside the last book of ‘The Talents Universe’ series, ‘The Mission’s Talent’, which is complete but needs a bit of rewriting. It’s been ‘beta read’ with good feedback. I’ve also set aside ‘The White Fire Stones’, for a while, though it’s nearly polished. It’s the immediate sequel to ‘The Seven Talismans’, now published and originally written but never published as ‘Jorath’s Quest’ in the early 1990s.

I’ve given up on Twitter after six years deciding it’s mostly a toxic waste of time. I deleted my Facebook account a while ago. The world would be a better place if people used moderated forums, email, sms etc and boycotted all Social Media, as you are the product, being sold to the advertisers, along with lies about the performance of targeted adverts, which are in any case immoral.

The only sure thing isĀ  that ‘Dwarves and Rooks’ is ready and will be published next. All published ebooks are available from all major ebook sellers except Google PlayStore.

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