Starship Chief on Pre-order

This is about 32,000 words but packed with action.

Pre-order is live now. Launch is 15th/16th May 2016.

A prequel to the entire Talent Universe series best read before The Master’s Talent. Set many years before first contact with Earth, three Karnd teenagers are on the waypoint’s starship to retrieve a valuable hidden artefact on a planet that’s never been contacted. But how many of the crew are really criminals, the next generation from the people that stole the artefact?

It’s told thirty years later by Captain Juili of the Intergal One Starship to the Tellurian (Earth woman) Maisie. Juili was one of the three teenage Karnds.

With thanks to Treasure Island and King Lear.

This is a standalone story apart from being “back story” for “The Master’s Talent”

Release advanced in honour of 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare.

Suitable for teenagers as well as adults

There is a list of characters from King Lear, Coral Island and Treasure Island used in the story at the end. See if you can match them!

It will be 99c (or equivalent) for about a week after launch, then US$ 2.99 or equivalent (different countries and retailers calculate the price differently. Also varying taxes and exchange rates).

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