Smashwords “The Apprentice’s Talent”

Since the Pre-release is from Midnight, I put 17th April 2016 as release date.

The ePub I made isn’t Apple compatible (!). So I uploaded an MS Doc version. The first 12% seems to be available now as free sample.

ISBN: 9781310866012
Title: The Apprentice’s Talent
Author: Ray McCarthy
Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

Buy at Smashwords from midnight 17th April (in your country), but I should have it on Amazon too for release from same date.

I’m now off to figure Amazon, though I had a “tour”.

Later Corvids Press may have a “shopping trolley” too.

My promises:

  • You get free updates of any corrected / updated versions (eBook only, but paper versions get free eBook and eBook updates)
  • No DRM, it’s evil and ultimately contravenes the Bern Convention on Copyright.
  • No orphans. I won’t release any book in a series unless they are all written to at least full draft.

While “The Apprentice Talent” is #1 of a trilogy, it’s really just a progression of Maisie’s life, each book is a complete story.