Amazon Author’s Page

Amazon want to host everything! Here is my Author Page on Amazon I’ve uploaded a photo of my “radio shack”. Really You don’t want to see me. Here is The Apprentice’s Talent on Amazon.

Smashwords “The Apprentice’s Talent”

Since the Pre-release is from Midnight, I put 17th April 2016 as release date. The ePub I made isn’t Apple compatible (!). So I uploaded an MS Doc version. The first 12% seems to be available now as free sample.…

“The Apprentice’s Talent” release

Coming soon to Smashwords and Amazon as eBooks (DRM free) at $2.99 and with also paper editions at $15 plus postage (free eBook download included). Will also be sold direct on this site on this page:
Ray McCarthy – Corvids Press

Release dates are provisional. First one is 18th April 2016.

First title is “The Apprentice’s Talent”

Christians are the most persecuted group

According to the International Society for Human Rights, a secular observatory based in Frankfurt, Germany, 80 per cent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed at Christians. Statistically speaking, that makes Christians by far the…

Writing Progress March 2016

At 50% proofing current (maybe last?) version of “The Apprentice’s Talent”. My beta readers all think my Talent series SF is “better” than my fantasy books (now six titles! Though two need more work). I think though the Fantasy is…

imported spices on your shelf

They count their health in the number of imported spices on their shelves A point of view: Adam Gopnik We are all humans. If one we have interstellar contact wouldn’t we be chuffed if the Aliens “appropriated” some of our…

The 1916 Easter Rising

 … it seems all we will see is Sinn Féin continue to insist it has the exclusive and purest interpretation of all that happened in the GPO and elsewhere. However, in general, the current national debate on the Rising and…