Celtic Otherworld

The “Celtic Otherworld” stories are inspired by Celtic, Irish, Scandinavian and Norse legend and are set more or less contemporaneously usually with some connection to Irish or English places.

Court Grave Lough Gur (c) Michael Watterson

Court Grave near Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Contemporary travel to Otherworlds mentioned in Celtic Myth and Legend. Meet the Tuath Dé, Sióg, Aés Sidhe, Elves and Faerie. Also set in Limerick, Ireland and Wychavon, England.

Unlike Greek and Roman myth, there are many Celtic ‘Otherworlds’ that appear to be magical and often inhabited by the Fair Folk (Fay, Fairy, Sióg) or sometimes the Tuath Dé (later called Tuatha De Danann). They are not realms of the dead. The oldest Norse legends have many similar aspects to the oldest Celtic myths. Apart from Valhalla, Asgard isn’t a place of the dead.

Manannán Mac Lir led the Tuath Dé away to the Otherworld over 2,500 years ago. Except for them it’s been more like 600 due to the time-slip. Not all the portals (often at Court Graves, Raths and other ancient Irish sites) have been closed. Any Enchanter can open one. Today Tuath Dé culture is a crazy mix of Mediaeval to 19th Century.

Most involve Alice, also called Eilis, who lived in rural Co. Limerick till age thirteen.

Under the Stone of Destiny

Celtic Otherworld I

Four teenagers are trying to end a ruinous war; a human, and elf Princess, a dryad Mage, and dwarf Wizard. Or at least that’s what Kevin, the student magus thinks they are.

Their food is exhausted and they are close to despair when told to wait for a companion at the stone circle by the crow, a familiar of the college Dean.

Most of the action is on Magh Meall, a legendary Otherworld where the Tuath Dé live in exile.

Now the Magi Council and the Druids of Ollathair have wakened the Sleepers, the Morrígna, (Badb, Macha and Neamhain) and the rest of Manannán Mac Lir’s Aés Sidhe Warband.

Released Midnight 4th/5th September 2016
Detail from ‘Miranda, The Tempest’ by John William Waterhouse.


Carrying the Shining Sword

Celtic Otherworld II

Who has poisoned Megra and her father, the Emperor? Eilis (Alice) accepts she is different and reveals why to her four friends. They learn about Skandi culture and the forbidden Skand magic. They take ship to another continent in search of an antidote and answers.

Detail from “The Love Potion” by Evelyn De Morgan, recoloured for the blue of a Skand sorceress that worships the Æsir-Vanir.


Seeking the Flaming Spear

Celtic Otherworld III

Megra must decide how to deal with Morien, who is Fay, so she contacts Queen Oonagh of the Aés Sidhe for help by throwing a ‘Ball’. Alice (Eilis) decides it’s time to do more matchmaking. Alice (Eilis) meets her adoptive grandmother (Queen Oonagh) and makes some friends in the Otherworld of the true Elves.

Alice gets to show off some warrior training that Neamhain formerly of the Morrígna has taught her. She figures how to finally stop Kevin having a crush on her.

Detail from “Morgan Le Fay” by Frederick Sandys.

Hero Genesis

Celtic Otherworld IV

Urban fantasy mostly in Worcestershire / Wychavon area. Four teenagers doing A Levels get sucked into a strange situation with Superheroes and Aliens. They are rescued by the High Queen of the Aés Sidhe (on cover).

Cover image is detail from Freya by Doyle.


No Silver Lining

Celtic Otherworld V

Urban fantasy mostly in Limerick. Alice/Eilis joins the four English teenagers going to the University of Limerick, but senses a Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Sequel to ‘Seeking the Flaming Spear’ and ‘Hero Genesis.

Kate finds that Eilis is a strange friend with many surprises.

Detail of Apocalypse by Vasnetsov.

Exiles and Rooks (cover)Exiles and Rooks

Celtic Otherworld VI

Action is parallel to “Hero Genesis” and “No Silver Lining” in the partially Steam Punk world where the Tuatha Dé live. Alice’s half sister’s two children (met briefly in “Carrying the Shining Sword”) are exiled from Ireland because they too have magic.

“On the Threshold” by Edmund Blair Leighton.

Fairy Godmothers

Celtic Otherworld VII

Alice (Eilis) had previously agreed to be a godmother for Órlaith. Now the baby has quickened and a geas is triggered. You can’t invoke a fay blessing for a baby without invoking a fay curse first!

The cover is a detail of ‘Lady of Shalott’ by John William Waterhouse.

Conspiracies and Rooks

Celtic Otherworld VIII

Marion is now a Student Guard. Tony and Sorcha settle into the town house and make friends. Why does the shopkeeper not want the Guards to catch the thieves?

The cover is based on the portrait of May Sartoris by Frederic Leighton.

The Fay Child

Celtic Otherworld IX

Alice (Eilis) and Morien are married with a child each. Flinn, Manannán and the war-band are still off doing something and it’s time to do the godmother bit for Órlaith’s child, Daniel Og, again as he is a year old. Why do Danu and Freyja have such an interest in Alice?

Is Danu the mother of the twins Áine and Grian? Certainly Alice’s great grandfather, Manannán Mac Lir is their father.

The sequel is ‘The Ensorcelled Maid’, which will be released after ‘The Wooing of Marion’.


The cover is a detail edited from “The Kiss” by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Artists and Rooks

Celtic Otherworld X

Marion is now a private detective. Why is the visitor anonymous and waiting till after hours?

The cover is based on ‘Artists Sketching in the White Mountains’ by Homer Winslow.

Dwarves and Rooks

Celtic Otherworld XI

Marion gets a contract from the Aés Sidhe to investigate a murder.

The cover is based on ‘Freyja and the Dwarves’ by Patten Wilson, an illustration. Freyja is receiving the Brísingamen, which was probably a torc rather than the modern conception of a necklace. Perhaps to fasten on her falcon feather cloak used for shape-shifting.

Goths and Rooks

Celtic Otherworld XII

Who is the mysterious Marianne that’s started in Upper Sixth Form after the Christmas holidays?

The cover is based on ‘The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog’ by Caspar David Friedrich.

Jewels and Rooks

Celtic Otherworld XIII

Marion decides to investigate for free. Neamhain wasn’t always the third member of the Morrígna. In this case it’s not ‘mór’ meaning big, but mor meaning terror, so ‘Terror Queens’. Morrígan is the singular, Terror Queen.

The cover is based on ‘The Valkyrie’s Vigil’ by Edward Robert Hughes.

The Wooing of Marion

Celtic Otherworld XIV

Marion takes a holiday but gets another Aés Sidhe job. Princesses have obligations as well as Balls.

The cover is based on ‘At the First Touch of Winter Summer Fades Away’ by Valentine Cameron Prinsep.

Watching the Watchers coverWatching the Watchers

Celtic Otherworld

It’s the Midsummer Festival and Judith has a new commission.
The staff of the Tea Room are determined to help Tom Óg.
James is searching for Pamela.


Robin Morgan, Faerie Prince

Is now part of Four Kids, One Foxe

Robin left Faerie before the humans built their first village. He realises it’s now time to return, but how? Every magical creature has gone. Are there any Portals left?

The Ensorcelled Maid

Celtic Otherworld

A sequel to ‘The Fay Child’. From the beginning everyone is very suspicious as to the identity of the ensorcelled girl.

Marion decides she needs the help of Alex Dunne. Several times.

The cover is based on ‘The Crystal Ball’ by John William Waterhouse.

Four Kids, One Foxe

It’s just after the Faerie Midsummer’s night Ball. Leodith, Angus, Port and Star decide on one last game before going home. Unfortunately it goes badly wrong.

The Cover is based on ‘Midsummer’s Eve’ by Edward Robert Hughes.

Other titles in the Celtic Otherworld Series:

Elaine and Luke

Sigyn has a Plan