Other Projects

‘The Eden Seeds’ a hard SF story. Probably stand-alone.

The Dark Ops Series. A big company has sold off their Network Infrastructure, Internet Service Provider and Phone Handset divisions to concentrate on their data hosting and cloud services. Some experts and a manager are saved from redundancy by joining the new security group in the HQ, which is moving to Limerick, Ireland to reduce costs. One condition of the change is that they occasionally investigate and also gather information for GSHE a very secret Irish State Security organisation. No magical fantasy or SF, it’s a tech – adventure series.

“Trader’s Isle” game, combining a plot your own adventure book with a large book of maps as a gaming board. Turn based. Can be played in “alliances/parties” mode. Choice of characters from the book. It’s not at all like an RPG.

Obviously other books in the various existing series that are published!