New Year, New Story, New book

I’ve been busy writing new stuff, editing old stuff and proofing. Less than two weeks now till “The Solar Alliance” is released (23rd Jan 2017). It’s not an original name for an organization in SF (one reference is 1956). Since I chose the title, it’s also been chosen by a group of solar power companies. There is of course no connection to them or the 1956 story about a revolt on Venus.

The new story? It’s The Cunning Artificer. I was thinking of really old stories when I picked the title, “The Snow Queen”, King James Bible (maybe Isaiah?)  and the myth of the Frost Giant building the fortress at Asgard (resulting in Loki’s child the eight legged horse). All have the phrase “cunning artificer”. Today it’s mostly used of someone maintaining weapons, but it used to be a craftsman with expertise with mechanisms. Cunning as in clever, not sly.

Did you know at the end of every autumn (fall), people remark that “Winter is Coming”?

I have also being editing the “The Master’s Talent” the third part of Maisie’s career. I hope I can get it out in February, though I’d like to get the second Magh Meall book polished and published.

Probably I’ll do a set of five+ books, “The Girl from Earth with Talent”, Comprising “The Apprentice’s Talent”, “The Journeyman’s Talent”, “The Solar Alliance” (includes novella, “Laying Ghosts”), “Starship Chief” and “The Master’s Talent”.

Don’t worry, Maisie is featuring in at least two more books in “The Talent Universe”. I’m also working on ideas for the Yaram “Mirror War” 150 years ago.

The Cunning Artificer

Celtic Otherworld VII

Action is parallel to “Hero Genesis”, “No Silver Lining” and “Fairy Godmothers” in the partially Steam Punk world where the Tuatha Dé live. Alice’s half sister’s two children (met briefly in “Seeking the Flaming Spear”) are exiled from Ireland because they too have magic.

Initial draft complete, requires further, writing., editing and Proofing.
“On the Threshold” by Edmund Blair Leighton. Representing Tony inviting Enchantress Sorcha to go riding.