New for Autumn 2018

Exiles and Rooks was released on 2nd August on Amazon (Kindle and Kindle Apps only) and Smashwords (all common eBook formats, also distributed to Apple, Kobo, Barnes& Noble).
Starship Chief is still free (but only give friends a link, not a copy). A fairly stand-alone Talents Universe prequel.

‘Fairy Godmothers’ comes out Midnight 2nd September. Exiles and Rooks and Fairy Godmothers both work stand-alone.

Amazon (Kindle only) and Smashwords (Kindle and all other readers / apps).
All books:

Likely also in September is ‘Conspiracies and Rooks’, the sequel to Exiles and Rooks

I think we are also ready to release ‘The Fay Child’.
‘Exiles and Rooks’ came out on 2nd August. So I think Midnight 16th and 30th Sept for ‘Conspiracies and Rooks’ and ‘The Fay Child’.
Maybe November for ‘The Legal Talent’.

Special Offers

The Apprentice’s Talent and Under the Stone of Destiny are on special offer, 99c or 99p depending on Country.
Also on all Amazon marketplaces (Author’s Page)

There is some possibility of more already completed titles in October, perhaps ‘The Fay Child’ (slight spoiler, he’s an adult in the story). All the “Rooks” books are done (six titles). The Talents Universe Series ‘The Legal Talent’ final edit is nearly done.

No DRM on any titles, so you can use in ANY app, or any device, or pass on when you die, or make backups. Not so you can upload or share it. All Copyright & All Rights Reserved. Even the ‘free’ editions MUST be downloaded.

Smashwords treats customers and authors better than Amazon (who wants a monopoly) and distributes to everyone significant selling eBooks, except Amazon and Google.
Corvids Press has put some titles on Google Play/ Google Books. However you are better off installing a free app like Aldiko or Bluefire on your Android phone or Chromebook and using Smashwords. The Smashwords editions will also work with a Kindle or Kobo app as well as the dedicated eink ereaders.
No more paper titles via Createspace as they have rebranded as Amazon. Corvids Press may use Lulu for paper POD, but phone apps are the biggest platform for indie titles, followed by tablets, then eink dedicated readers.

I like to have ebook & paper. Trying to figure how to have a single user unique serial code in paper books for free download of any format ebook.
Do download to PC, and not direct to Kindle, so you can make backups. Do not trust clouds!

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