Magh Meall Foods


In the Independent (UK)

Cosmopolitan Celts living in eastern France adopted the lifestyles of their Mediterranean neighbours and drank wine at their banquets.

This is according to researchers who studied organic residues in 99 ceramic drinking vessels recovered at Mont Lassois in Burgundy, which would have been a well-to-do fortified settlement between the 7th and 5th century BC.

Researchers also found evidence of olive oil at the site – which is the earliest example of it being used in central Europe.

Early Celts originated from south western Germany, eastern France and Switzerland at the end of the Bronze age. They would have imported Mediterranean products from the classical Greeks who had outposts in southern France and Italy, according to the paper, published in Plos One.

So not so unreasonable that I have Manannán and the River Demigoddesses bring vines and olives to Deas Ceat (The Southern Quarter) of Magh Meall in 2500 BC.

However the existence of Coffea plant in Magh Meall is harder to explain, though the Tuath Dé don’t know what it is. Certainly Tea and Coffee was unknown in Europe in the Bronze Age.

Coffee was discovered by people in Ethiopia and exported by the fifteenth century. Tea was supposedly discovered by the Chinese in 2737 BC. However tea and coffee wasn’t widely available in England till the Jacobean era. The first Coffee houses opened in London in 1645.

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