Goths and Rooks

I’m quite excited to have completed the 3rd revision of this. It’s probably #12 in the Celtic Otherworld series and maybe the 5th “Rooks” book, ‘Goths and Rooks’. It’s close to 61,600 words.

It’s got Nikoli and Jenny from ‘Hero Genesis’.

I had planned #6 in the series to be released in October 2017. I will look at what the earliest date can be. Perhaps the end of July or the start of August for ‘Exiles and Rooks’.

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  1. Ray McCarthy
    25 August 2018 at 12:46

    I’ve now completed the sequel to ‘Goths and Rooks’, titled ‘Jewels and Rooks’. Remember Kevin’s dead older half brother and his mother’s jewels in ‘Under the Stone of Destiny‘? Now on sale for 99c.

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