I’m going to focus on getting some Work In Progress polished. “Exiles and Rooks” is nearly ready (Celtic Otherworld #6). “Artists and Rooks” (#10) seems complete.

Switching to Lulu for POD paperbacks because CreateSpace are now branded Amazon. Good news is that Smashwords are partnering with an Audio book production & publishing company. You’ll be able to hire narrators or upload finished Audiobooks. Distribution will include Audible and author keeps full rights.

Watch this blog!

I’ve also a lot of books to read, including some old tales that have slipped past me. So I’m pretty much packing in Social Media. It’s only really useful for the already famous, otherwise a toxic time waster.

“Exiles and Rooks” is inspired by the Eilis chapter in “Hero Genesis” (also on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and soon Google PlayStore/Books)

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