Dogs, Crows and Whales

Ancient news about dogs being Red / Green colour blind. Common among carnivorous predators.  Birds often have exceptional colour vision extending to the Ultraviolet. Link opens in a new tab.

Q: Who needs to know this about dogs?
A: People buying balls to throw for their dogs? Or Cats and rats that want to hide in the grass.

They claim to have a new method, but nothing new mentioned in the article.

Further musing on perception

The difficulty with ALL animal perception and behavioural tests is to have a test that the animal will be motivated to react to. Tests (AND RESPONSE ANALYSIS!) are often far too anthropomorphic to be meaningful.
Even an animal touching a spot of paint only visible in a mirror might not indicate self-awareness. It might simply be curious as to why that elephant doesn’t look like other elephants. Tests are often poorly designed with poor understanding of control groups.

The most famous behavioural mistake is to mistake Vocabulary for Language. Very many animals have an extensive vocabulary. Also many animals can “learn words” represented by sound, image or shape and correctly connect them to an object or action. There is not one verified use of grammar or new sentence building! The animals or birds can learn a stock phrase and use it as a symbol. That’s not language.

Evolutionary Psychologists are constantly trying to discredit Chomsky, who argues persuasively that language is not only Human Only, but spontaneously started (for no known reason) about 40,000 years ago at the most.
You can see why “strict” evolutionists and people that argue that we are no different to Dolphins and Chimps and Bonobo don’t like it.

The biologists have the additional problem that it seems Dolphins and Whales are not very smart (maybe less than dogs, horses and sheep). There is also no correlation between brain size and performance in Humans.
Corvids and some other animals (maybe even the Octopus) despite small brain SEEM to be very smart. Certainly able to make / use tools and solve problems (both families).

Anyway science is about observation, theories and testing the predictions. Not about “proving” any particular philosophical or political viewpoint. Science doesn’t answer any metaphysical questions at all. Such as Faith, Evil, Good, Morality, Justice. Probably Science can’t answer what is Intelligence or Self Awareness or Sentience (may all be separate?).

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