Coming soon: Exiles and Rooks

Absolutely complete and in preparation for publishing!

Will be published in 2017.

Exiles and Rooks

The working title was ‘The Cunning Artificer’.

Exiles and Rooks (cover)Celtic Otherworld VI

Action is parallel to “Hero Genesis” and “No Silver Lining” in the partially Steam Punk world where the Tuatha Dé live. Alice’s half sister’s two children (met briefly in “Seeking the Flaming Spear”), Tony (Anthony) Brody and (Alice) Marion Brody are exiled from Ireland because they too have magic.


Cover is based on ‘On the Threshold’ by Edmund Blair Leighton.

While it can be read on its own, you’ll have more fun if you read the first five books in the series.


It will be available as a DRM free eBook (all formats) on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Flipcart, Kobo, Aldiko as well as paperback that can be ordered in any bookshop. Free ebook versions in ePub or Kindle format are available from Corvids Press for all purchasers of any paperback edition.


This is the start of a detective series set on the Inamok Otherworld. The sequels ‘Conspiracies and Rooks’ (in proofing) and ‘Artists and  Rooks’ (revising 3 draft) are complete. Another book, featuring Eilis / Alice is ready to publish, ‘Fairy Godmothers’. It covers an event near the end of ‘Exiles and Rooks’.  Also complete is ‘The Fay Child’ (in final proof) which will be published between ‘Conspiracies and Rooks’ and ‘Artists and  Rooks’.


The focus of my work will be soon switching to two other ‘projects’, the narrative for a Mediaeval Fantasy Board Game (designed by some in Co. Limerick) and editing the last three ‘Talents Universe’ novels, ‘The Legal Talent’, ‘The Second Talent’ and ‘The Mission’s Talent’.




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