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Smashwords end of 2020 sale

All reduced from $3.99 to 99 cents till Midnight 31st December 2020, so only a few days left! Still full price on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google PlayBooks, Barnes & Noble and others. All are complete stories though the characters develop…

Mouse Factory Greed

#DisneyMustPay How many other people are Disney cheating and have bullied into NDAs and settlements? Also Disney are lobbyists for unreasonable extension of copyright, benefits Corps, not creators and DRM. DRM doesn’t stop piracy, but controls consumers. They already…

Summer 2020 News

I’ve re-written a group of three books with some characters that are developed over three books: ‘Goths and Rooks’, ‘Jewels and Rooks’, and ‘The Wooing of Marion’.

The only sure thing isĀ  that ‘Dwarves and Rooks’ is ready and will be published next.