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Summer 2020 News

I’ve re-written a group of three books with some characters that are developed over three books: ‘Goths and Rooks’, ‘Jewels and Rooks’, and ‘The Wooing of Marion’.

The only sure thing isĀ  that ‘Dwarves and Rooks’ is ready and will be published next.

WIP, April 2020

Busy organising and editing. I’m not sure I’ll seriously write new material till the Autumn as various things around the house and garden need done. So very little done on either the Hard SF novel, “The Eden Seeds” or the…

Discounted Under the Stone of Destiny

Update, 2020-04-19: The general discounts are ended, but some special offers may appear on specific web sites. We’ve discounted Under the Stone of Destiny to 99c. Amazon Smashwords Also Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and many other stores. No DRM,…