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“The Apprentice’s Talent” release

Coming soon to Smashwords and Amazon as eBooks (DRM free) at $2.99 and with also paper editions at $15 plus postage (free eBook download included). Will also be sold direct on this site on this page:
Ray McCarthy – Corvids Press

Release dates are provisional. First one is 18th April 2016.

First title is “The Apprentice’s Talent”

Writing Progress March 2016

At 50% proofing current (maybe last?) version of “The Apprentice’s Talent”. My beta readers all think my Talent series SF is “better” than my fantasy books (now six titles! Though two need more work). I think though the Fantasy is…

Ghillion or Apprentice?

3:15pm today I finished the 2nd draft of my current Novel. The current novel is  “Hard SF / Fantasy / Boarding school/ Detective” story (Not an Agatha Christie or Conan Doyle, but definitely detecting) I will look for an Agent.…