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Saints and Fairies

Being really Irish, I will ignore St Patrick’s day, He’s one of Ireland’s three Patron Saints, who was Welsh. Nor was he the first to bring Christianity. The Armagh Bishop, answerable to the Pope, wanted to be in charge of the entire Irish Church. So they promoted two manuscripts supposedly of Patrick’s writing. One might certainly have a lot of his writing. Parallels with the Monks of Glastonbury. I’ll write about Glastonbury vs Avalon another day.

Books too gritty or erotic?

If you are finding the books you are reading, maybe published as YA, too gritty or erotic try different authors. This applies to Detective, Adventure, Romance (it’s just as good or better without ANY sex!), Fantasy, SF etc. Also though…

Dogs, Crows and Whales

Ancient news about dogs being Red / Green colour blind. Common among carnivorous predators.  Birds often have exceptional colour vision extending to the Ultraviolet. Link opens in a new tab. Q: Who needs to know this about dogs? A: People…