Books too gritty or erotic?

If you are finding the books you are reading, maybe published as YA, too gritty or erotic try different authors. This applies to Detective, Adventure, Romance (it’s just as good or better without ANY sex!), Fantasy, SF etc.
Also though it’s easier in your 40s to 80s, try reading fun books for younger people. Also if you are a good reader, and you are 10 to 17 you might find many books for “adults” better and less explicit, especially classic authors before the 1980s. Loads of adult books are suitable for younger readers if they have the vocabulary.

Mostly you are reading fiction to relax and be entertained?

Reading is less passive and more satisfying than cinema or TV. You can’t tell a book by its film. But it’s a very private activity.
TV & Cinema are complementary arts, as are plays, radio drama, music and poetry.

Read a mix of new and classic authors.

Give the Vampires and edgy Urban fantasy a break.
Browse Fantasy, Science Fiction and “Younger sections” in a decent real bookshop. Grab an armful of different authors you don’t know at charity/thrift shops and boot / yard sales.

Get an eInk type eBook reader (far less tiring than a phone or tablet) and browse the 55,000 out of copyright eBooks on as many books 80 to 200 years old are very good. Some even better than most new ones.

My recent discoveries there include early 20th C. Westerns: Riders of the Purple Sage. The Virginian (the old TV series is hardly the same).

On a later post I’ll add some current and classic authors.

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