Autumn 2019 WIP

I’ve taken a break from ‘Robin Morgan, Faerie Prince’ in the Celtic Otherworld series as it involves N.I., UK and Ireland just after Brexit. When and how will Brexit happen? Also might affect ‘Goths and Rooks’ and ‘The Wooing of Marion’.

So I’m working on what started as Jorath’s Quest in 1991. The sequel was about 3/4 written in 1995. In 1996 I combined the two as ‘Restoring the Talismans’.  Then I got focused on programming, electronics, Computer Training and IT work (the Day Job) till 2009 when I was doing electronics and programming part time. Finally in 2014 I seriously focused on writing again.

I realised re-reading that the stories needed split again. Also the Talismans don’t get restored, so I split the text and changed the title to ‘Searching for the Talismans’, which feels a bit long.

You can re-use any title, they can’t easily be protected. However ‘Searching for the Talismans’ seems to be a Jackie Chan film AND a book. So ‘Seven Talismans’ is the current title of the WIP. I’ve over 400 proof reading notes to edit in and new chapter 4 to write. Currently about 56K words. Perhaps it will be released in January 2020.

My ‘Dwarves and Rooks’ seems polished and ready to go. I’ll let more people buy and read ‘Artists and Rooks’ first!

I think ‘Seven Talismans’ is the start of a series of five to seven books. The cover is based on ‘Pauvre Fauvette’ (1881) by Jules Bastien-Lepage. Most of the second book was written in 1995 and provisional title is ‘The White Fire Stones’. Probably the third will be about warring Barons. The series is called Trader’s Isle, though really that’s wrong, but looks better than Traders’ Isle. The Trader’s Isle series is set on a Mediaeval like world that was more technologically advanced over a thousand years ago. Unlike the ‘Celtic Otherworld’ it’s not based on any particular mythos. Also unlike ‘Celtic Otherworld’ and ‘Talents Universe’ there is no connection to our world or our timeline, though the ‘Talents Universe’ is a sort of Alternate Earth time line and the ‘Celtic Otherworld’ stories are roughly contemporaneous with the publishing dates.

I’ve about 210K words written on the seventh and last book of the ‘Talents Universe’ series, ‘The Mission’s Talent’. I’m wondering about cutting it a bit and if the largest cut bit should be a separate book. It needs a lot of re-writing.

Still done nothing more on the hard SF, ‘The Eden Seeds’. I’ve had a lot of thoughts and made notes on the new Dark Ops series, no SF or Fantasy in it. It’s about a sort of Irish equivalent to GCHQ, but outsourced to the security team of Cloud / Data Hosting company based in Ireland.


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