About Me

Ray McCarthy is the pseudonym used for my novels.  However the ‘blog’ posts are mostly actually real. Events are more or less as I remember them. I have been ‘Online’ since 1981 (Prestel and 300 bbs) and using email since 1987. Using Internet, browsing Websites using a server at home as ‘Gateway’ since 1994 approximately. In 1994 a web page was ‘written’ using Notepad text editor and uploaded at 9,600 to 14.4k bps. Probably 28k by 1995. Though in 1998 we moved house and the phone line deteriorated to about 19.2k. In late 2005 we got broadband at home.  I used broadband since early 2002 in work as an upgrade from 128k ISDN.

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